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Taste and explore the music of wine

Caves Bernard-Massard

Bernard Massard

Delight your senses with a glass of wine from the prestigious Caves Bernard-Massard cellars in Grevenmacher on the River Moselle. Open to the public for wine tasting and sales, the cellars boast numerous national and international awards of distinction and offer an opportunity for the novice as well as experienced wine consumers to learn about what wines they enjoy, as well as how to match different varieties and vintages with food. Presented in association with a guest wine expert, the audience taste up to six wines, matched with live opera and songs designed to highlight a particular characteristic of the wine. It’s a truly interactive show, as the audience give feedback on their view on the wines, and become more outspoken after wine number four! Tasting rooms offer a capacity for up to 50 and 70 people. The wine tasting and a visit of the cellars can be followed by a walking dinner for up to 250 people, or 100 people for a seated dinner.

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