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Social responsability success

By Indiact

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IMS Luxembourg forum de la citoyenneté at Centre Drosbach

IMS, the Luxembourg institute for corporate social responsibility, asked Indiact to organise the third edition of its annual grand CSR forum for companies in April last year. Not only was Indiact asked to organise the logistics of the event itself, but IMS also charged the team with developing the content of the grand forum and to suggest renowned speakers.

The logistics aspect involved finding a suitable venue that could host over 400 attendees during the day. Indiact chose the Centre Drosbach, one of the newest conference venues in Luxembourg. Located just minutes from the city centre, the Centre Drosbach is a highly flexible and sophisticated 1,250 m2 space that affords some splendid views of nature. Indiact focused on every detail of the event – finding sponsors and coordinating with them, engaging the speakers and organising workshops and conferences, developing the definitive programme, planning detailed logistics and preparing PR work.

On the day itself, the detailed programme had to run like clockwork. Indiact ensured that the strict timetable was adhered to, that attendees were given a welcome by hostesses who were properly briefed to deal with any questions they might have, that guest speakers were in the right place at the right time and had all the technical support they required, and that the media could conduct interviews so that press coverage, which added to the legitimacy of the event, was maximised. More than 10 articles appeared in local publications, and the event also received coverage on television and radio as well as in European media outside Luxembourg.

A closing cocktail allowed attendees to network in a convivial atmosphere – Indiact ensured all guests were made to feel comfortable so that they would leave with positive and constructive memories of the event. A comprehensive debriefing was held with IMS after the event, and all agreed the forum had been a resounding success, with the number of attendees surpassing expectations and the quality of the speakers universally acknowledged.


Good to know

Date: April 2011
Type of event annual forum
Participants 400
Event organizer: Indiact Luxembourg


Social responsability succes