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Not sitting classroom-style

By Pepper and Salt®

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Conference in Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and capital city Luxembourg are among the no-trouble conference destinations in Europe. Let me explain. When I was last looking for a conference venue that would accept short notice registration without so much as a severe attrition policy, the Grand Duchy venues and hotels seemed to be just what I was looking for. My client, a European IT provider liked the idea of Luxembourg, his company providing for larger banking institutions, Luxembourg seemed to be “the place to be”. The conference would take place mid September, drawing 350 international participants from major banks around the globe. Luxembourg was widely accepted, the access by plane was very good using London, Brussels + Frankfurt as hubs in Europe. Participants subscribed very late, having positively announced their attendance but not confirmed their registration. I was happy to learn that the 3 major hotels were happy to share the risk and wait for a more formal registration.

The event took place in “the Grund”, the bottom, literally translated, of the valley dividing the city in 2, our meeting was headquartered here and very easy to reach, either by foot, shuttle or taxi. We met in the “old prison” of Luxembourg and attendees liked this, not only for the story and history of the place but also the generous meeting facilities, we had enough theatres and breakout rooms, the larger courtyard invited not to sit classroom-style all day but enjoy the sunny climate.

So we moved chairs outside for afternoon sessions. Our evening get-together and formal dinner took place in the city – a dine-around in the many fabulous restaurants, the food was everything you are promised in France! Another night we used the city hall and our last evening was outside in the Valley of 7 Castles in a BBQ format, a bit unusual but it brought everybody together in a more natural style. The feedback on this meeting was a general success and we scored an 8/10. Happy to do it again!


Good to know

Date mid September 2011
Type of event conference
Participants 350
Event organizer: Pepper and Salt Event Group


Not sitting classroom-style