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Eco-friendly fun day for all ages

By Goeres Hotels Group Luxembourg

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Enovos family day at Château de Schengen

The briefing for the family day event was quite clear: it had to be in a refined but natural location that could comfortably handle a large number of participants; and the fun day activities had to have a distinct focus on protecting nature and eco-responsibility. 

The prestigious Château de Schengen seemed predestined for the event. Located just 30 kilometres from the capital city, the château sits among vineyards and the splendid nature of the Moselle valley and has its own green parks and gardens in which activities could be organised. In addition, having everything in place on one site kept to a minimum the need for deliveries and other external services, thus reducing the event’s carbon footprint. Guests were directed to a car park near the motorway exit and transported to the site with a shuttle service using hybrid vehicles.

The organisers also chose partners who were dedicated to environment responsibility. A number of activities to suit all ages and abilities were organised for guests. These included tests of balance, concentration and coordination that allowed participants to get tactile with nature; a mini Tour de France, which encouraged youngsters to (re)discover the joy of cycling; a fun fair that operated without electricity; an obstacle course in the dark that showed participants the luxury of electric light, but also taught them to think about its use; fun science workshops, which explained chemical and physical processes and their place in nature; a tour of the Château de Schengen’s medicinal plant garden, demonstrating the practical uses of plants in treating different ailments; a hike through nature; a horse and carriage ride; and an E-bike tour demonstrating the latest in eco-friendly transport technology.

The day was a resounding success and the event met its goals of minimising CO2 emissions and placing an emphasis on saving energy, recycling and sustainability.


Good to know

Date: June 19th 2011
Type of event Family day
Participants 1,000
By:  Enovos and Goeres Hotel group