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Celebrating languages

By Accentaigu

 MG 5933

“Institut National des Langues” 20th anniversary

Accentaigu was asked to organise the 20th anniversary celebrations of Luxembourg’s “Institut National des Langues”. 

The “Institut National des Langues” is the only centre of certification for the Luxembourg language in the Grand Duchy and is also certified to examine in seven other languages. Its 20th anniversary festivities were to be a night celebrating the magic of language. 

The Accentaigu agency was asked to come up with the best event formula to mark the occasion. The agency decided to use different colours throughout to symbolise the different languages taught at the institution.

Various workshops were developed in collaboration with institute members and alliance partners. Events and entertainment took place both inside and outside the INL building, and lasted late into the evening. Accentaigu planned the coordination of the event down to each minute detail, and special attention was paid to ensuring the safety of the 2,700 guests.


Good to know

Date December 1st 2011
Type of event anniversary celebrations
Participants 2700
Event organizer:  Accentaigu


Celebrating languages